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Notre mission

Vous ouvrir les portes de l'investissement immobilier, peu importe votre budget, et vous donner les clés pour réussir vos projets d'avenir.

Who is Buy A Part for ?

  • Professional Investors
    who want to offer new products to their customers.
  • Real Estate Agents
    who wish to expand their offer and increase their turnover.
  • For Individual Investors
    on the lookout for new profitable financial investments.

Invest easily

Financial products from 3.5% of guaranteed net profitability.

A 3D visit of the properties for sale put online by our partners.

A gain on investments in the short, medium and long term.

Sell quickly

Bet on the BUY A PART technology and integrate our real estate network.

The application allows you to enter your mandates online and track live sales.

Increase your efficiency by accessing to our professional training.

Analyze precisely

Optimize your performance with your interactive dashboard.

A personalized dashboard for professional investors, real estate agents and individuals.

All documents relating to your investments and a legal service available online.

An innovative platform for professionals and individuals


All your administrative procedures online in a few clicks. The real-estate investment solution .


Follow the evolution of your investments thanks to clear and precise indicators.


Analyze and optimize your performance on your personalized dashboard.


Enjoy the best advice for your wealth through our network of qualified professionals.

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Register today to take advantage of special offers and maybe get the chance to be selected to access our first projects.


Our solutions to invest in peace :

Guaranteed profitability

Thanks to our unique system we can guarantee a return of 3.5% net (minimum) on your investments.

Personalized advice

A network of qualified professionals and an online legal service available for you at all times.

A personalized offer

Our platform combines the power of a complete software with the simplicity of use of a "customized" product.

Secured by the Blockchain

In order to better protect our customers and secure their investments, the BUY A PART platform uses blockchain technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • BUY A PART connects investors and real estate agents, organizes reservations, manages all administrative and legal procedures to simplify your investments in real estate. We strive to select quality properties and reliable investments to ensure profitability over the short, medium and long term.

  • The independent Real Estate Agent will receive a training specifying the conditions of selection of property (location, rental value, condition of the apartment, ...). BUY A PART will automatically execute a data analysis through its algorithms and our real estate experts will carry out a control audit before validating the project.

  • The independent real estate agents who collaborate with BUY A PART provide the information of the properties under exclusive mandate in their personal space. The property will be validated by our real estate experts before being published on the platform.

  • BUY A PART gives you access to a turnkey rental investment accessible to all by guaranteeing you a return of 3.5% net minimum.

  • Once your profile is validated by BUY A PART teams, you will have access to the details of the properties for sale, the online booking and you can start investing!

  • Are you a Professional Investor (independent in financial investment advice, a financial counselor working in a bank, a property management or a commercial company) who makes investments on behalf of your clients? Become a partner, the BUY A PART platform provides you with free innovative tools adapted to your needs. You'll have free access to your dashboard and all the features so you can make the best investments on behalf of your customers.

  • The Professional Investor will receive from the partner agency of BUY A PART a commission on the total amount of financing realized on the platform.

  • BUY A PART is the indispensable tool for Real Estate Agents who wish to expand their offer. A non-employee Real Estate Commercial Agent contract is signed between you and the BUY A PART partner agency in your area. Once your profile is validated, you will have free access to your dashboard which will allow you to simplify your work in order to increase your turnover.

  • The Real Estate Agent will receive from the partner agency of BUY A PART a percentage on the realized turnover.

Our team

"To be a man is, precisely, to be responsible.It is to feel, when setting one's stone, that one is contributing to the building of the world."
Antoine de Saint Exupery


Alexandre Grimaldi Rocha

Chief Executive Officer

Damien Huibant

Business Developer & real-estate

The team counts 9 collaborators.

Amaru & Jules -


Florent -

Community manager

Aurélia -

Communications officier

As well as our developers team, composed of four developers fullstack and a front end developer.

The platform dedicated to online investment that offers financial products with profitability guarantee.


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